8 Surprising Items People Forget in Hotel Rooms

How many hotel maids find thousands of dollars left in the rooms after the customer checks out?  Although that amount of money is rare, it is amazing to know what people forget in their rooms.  Have you ever checked out of a hotel and kept wondering as you drove away, “Did I forget anything?”.  You aren’t alone — and you will be shocked to know what people leave behind.

Hotels usually have a “lost-and-found” box (or boxes!) as well as a long where each item found is listed, where it was found and by whom.  I had the opportunity to visit a small hotel owned by a friend of mine and allowed to rifle through the log box and box of lonely left-behinds.

Most of the items look like junk – which may be why their owners left them behind.  But to protect the guests, this “junk” isn’t disposed of.  I couldn’t get a straight answer on how long they keep this junk, but suffice it to say, it remains for a long time.

So as a looked through the box, I saw various articles of clothing, including men’s and women’s underwear.  Ick.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue looking at that point, but I trudged ahead.  There was a CD (from a music group I had never heard), four toothbrushes, bottles of prescription medicine, and power adapters (cell phone chargers)!  I can relate to that as I have left power adapters all over the world!

Besides the icky underwear mentioned before, there were socks.  Lots and lots of socks.  It made me realize that people blame the washer or drier for “eating” their socks, when in reality, they left them in a hotel room somewhere.

Most of the items left behind where left in the open, where it was easy to spot.  But with other items, that wasn’t usually the case.  As in sex toys.  Yes, I really mean those adult products we all have hidden away.  Only here, they were hidden away in a drawer, or under the bed, IN A HOTEL ROOM!  I asked the supervisor if people ever call asking about their forgotten toys and the answer was “no”.  So I asked the question a different way, do they ever call the customer and tell the customer they found their “Rabbit Vibrator” under the bed of room xxx?  After a good laugh, the housekeeping supervisor admitted it would be a fun call to make, but no, in the name of privacy, they don’t make the call for items “like that”.

I continued to look in the log book and was surprised to be presented with the most obvious fact of all – people are getting busy in hotel rooms!  The found item log showed whips, handcuffs, sexy nurse costumes, a few medical sex toys … and, wait for it … a blow up sex doll.

If you have stayed in a hotel recently and can’t find something that you “know that you had”, call the hotel, and ask for lost and found.  You might be surprised where you left it!


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